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Trafomatic Rhapsody
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Lokacija:Gažon 36/a, 6274 Šmarje pri KopruTip oglasa:Novo
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Trafomatic Rhapsody

Cena: 18000 €

 Trafomatic Audio Rhapsody

Rhapsody is the pinnacle of our decades of experience in developing State of the art valve amplifiers.

The name itself is the expression of our devotion to the Music and the Art.

By definition it implicates the profound roots and legacy to the ancient Greek Art of the rhapsodists in performing Epics, to the most modern compositions, where the one-movement work structure of highly contrasted moods, colours and tonality, is expansive and yet unified in structure.

The 300B valves are a piece of great audio history that are represented in the Rhapsody in the best and most refined way. The naturalness, the drive, their tonality and rich colour pallets are unmistakable. All of those virtues are combined and moved a step further by Trafomatic dedication into the deep understanding of the cyrcuit. The result is a endlessness adventure in discovering undisclosed hidden places in your favorite recordings.


Output power: 2x20W
Class of operation: Parallel Single- Ended (class A)
Tubes complement: 4x 300b, 2x 6SN7
Inputs: 3xRCA + 1xXLR
Outputs: 4 – 8 ohm
Input sensitivity: 0.5V rms THD %: 0.55% – 1W
Frequency bandwidth: 10Hz-75KHz (-3dB)
S/N Ratio: 80dB
Input impedance: 100K
Power consumption: 280VA
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz( 100-120-220-240V available on request)
Size: 470×370 x260mm
Weight: 32kg

Trafomatic Rhapsody

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Vpis ponudbe:27.04.2024
Konec ponudbe:27.06.2024
Garancija:2 leti

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