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Omicron Powerboost
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Omicron Powerboost

Cena: 340 €
  • Model: Power boost
  • Code: Power boost Cod. PW5452
  • Material: Delrin®/Golden brass
  • Outer diameter: 54 mm.
  • Height: 52 mm.
  • Weight: 0.600 Kg.

How it\'s made

Power Boost is made in Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards and golden brass, includes 3 ceramic balls. 1 adjustables spiral slot, 3 adjustables levers. 1 pin (supplied) for adjusting the upper spiral.


Where to place it

Power Boost is a fine magnetic field regulator generated by any device in an audio system. It can be used in any Hi-Fi system device, including transformers, mains filters, speakers etc ...

Warning: It is not recommended to use it over the reading mechanism (laser group) of CD-Players.

What it does

Derivative and practically son of the \"Tesla\", the Power Boost is capable to modify and finely setting the sound of any audio system by intervening on the upper slot and on 3 levers it is equipped with, varying their position.

Power Boost modifies the sound of the audio system in real time by changing the position of the 3 levers with which it is equipped.

You will experience an enlarged and deep soundstage, separation and focus of instruments until you get a highly holographic and realistic sound.


POWER BOOST is a powerful variator of electromagnetic flows generated by the passage of current in any electrical device.

POWER BOOST is a revolutionary innovative magnetic field regulator that acts externally on electronics, speakers, power supply, main filters etc... Without compromising the quality of the current passage in the device.

POWER BOOST has one adjustable golden spiral and 3 levers, rotating them varies its internal functioning. Each variation of the golden spiral and the levers leads to a real-time sound variation.

Omicron Powerboost

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Vpis ponudbe:15.12.2022
Konec ponudbe:14.02.2023
Garancija:2 leti

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