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Magnepan 30.7
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Magnepan 30.7

Cena: 44990 €

Pri Tafos Audio smo navdušeni, da lahko svojim strankam ponudimo zvočnike Magneplanar. Če še nikoli niste slišali 'Maggi-je', vas vabimo v našo poslušalnico. Kontaktirajte nas in si zagotovite demo izkušnjo 

Magnepan are based in Minnesota, USA and have been manufacturing their magneplanar speakers since 1969 when engineer Jim Winey came up with the idea. Situated in a 50,000 square foot facility Magnepan have so far sold over 200,000 pairs of their speakers worldwide, also affectionately known as ‘Maggies. Basically they are a panel speaker but the voice coil of a conventional speaker is stretched out over a Mylar film sheet which when amplified excites the Mylar film to create sound, being that there is no cabinet they offer a very clean and revealing sound, with great detail, finesse and speed, being considered by many to be the closest you can get to that live sound, especially as they are a dipole design meaning that they fire out the same sound from behind as from the front giving a very big and realistic soundstage.

Magneplanar flagship: the Magnepan 30.7

Faithful to the principle of the flat dipole panel, large and thin, the 30.7 nevertheless differs from other Magnepan by its operation.

Each channel is made up of two panels: a large one for the bass / medium-bass registers and a narrower one (twice as much), for the treble / medium-treble.

Despite its imposing dimensions, the Magnepan 30.7 works perfectly well in rooms of modest sizes.

30.7 wins 2017 “Overall Product of the Year” in The Absolute Sound magazine (January issue 279, 2018).

The 30.7 was awarded co-winner of “Overall Product of the Year” along with the $685,000 Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic

30.7 review in The Absolute SoundPart One and Part Two of the review.

2018 Editors' Choice, The Absolute Sound, March 2018

This giant, four-panel (two panels per side), four-way, ribbon/quasi-ribbon line source loudspeaker from Magnepan is the best Maggie JV has heard, which is tantamount to saying it is the best planar JV has ever heard (and right up there with the best six-figure dynamics JV has heard). With its highly coherent wave-launch, free standing imaging, vast soundstage, phenomenal resolution of inner detail, lightning transient response, incomparable naturalness of timbre, and total lack of box coloration and diffraction, the 30.7 is markedly less “there” as a sound source (and markedly more lifelike on voice and acoustic instruments) than almost every dynamic-speaker-in-a-box, no matter its price.

The best buy in an ultra-high-end loudspeaker (and one of the best high-end buys of all time), the 30.7 earned JV’s highest, most ecstatic recommendation and TAS’ 2017 Overall Product of the Year award. If you have sufficient room, amplifier, and permission from your spouse—and don’t listen to a steady diet of heavy metal—you cannot do better.

Type: Four-way, four-panel, quasi-ribbon/pure-ribbon dipolar planar loudspeaker (each speaker includes a large bass/midbass panel and a smaller midrange/ tweeter panel)
Driver complement (per speaker): two quasi-ribbon bass drivers, one quasi-ribbon ‘transitional line source mid-bass coupler’, one quasi ribbon midrange driver with ultralow-mass diaphragm, and one pure-ribbon high frequency driver. Frequency response: 24 Hz-40 kHz Impedance: 4 Ohms Sensitivity: Not specified Dimensions (HxWxD): 200.7 x 73.7 x 5.2 cm Weight: Not specified Framework : Wood: natural oak, black oak or cherry Aluminum: silver, black, red or blue Fabric: off-white, black, or dark gray


Magnepan 30.7

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