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Magnepan .7
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Magnepan .7

Cena: 2090 €

Pri Tafos Audio smo navdušeni, da lahko svojim strankam ponudimo zvočnike Magneplanar. Če še nikoli niste slišali 'Maggi-je', vas vabimo v našo poslušalnico. Kontaktirajte nas in si zagotovite demo izkušnjo 

Magnepan are based in Minnesota, USA and have been manufacturing their magneplanar speakers since 1969 when engineer Jim Winey came up with the idea. Situated in a 50,000 square foot facility Magnepan have so far sold over 200,000 pairs of their speakers worldwide, also affectionately known as ‘Maggies. Basically they are a panel speaker but the voice coil of a conventional speaker is stretched out over a Mylar film sheet which when amplified excites the Mylar film to create sound, being that there is no cabinet they offer a very clean and revealing sound, with great detail, finesse and speed, being considered by many to be the closest you can get to that live sound, especially as they are a dipole design meaning that they fire out the same sound from behind as from the front giving a very big and realistic soundstage.

“Best Sound (for the money): Unquestionably the Maggie .7.” Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, April 2015

The .7 — High-End Audio where space is at a premium

We heard you —“The 1.7 is too big for my small room.”

So, we down-sized the 1.7 and called it the ‘.7’. It was that simple. Most all of what you read about the 1.7 applies to the .7.

Ok, not everything. Because the .7 has a smaller bass diaphragm, it has less “bite on the air.” Consequently, the bass will be less than the 1.7 if you wish to use it in a larger room. However, the DWM Bass Panel can be used to supplement the bass.

The .7 offers full-range, quasi-ribbon technology at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables. Value is what Magneplanars are all about.

The .7 has an optional oval base as shown below for modern decors.

For those that have followed the "i" upgrades of the 3.7 and 1.7, the improvements of the 3.7i and 1.7i were incorporated into the .7.Technical Specifications : 2-Way/Quasi Ribbon Freq. Resp.45-22kHz ±3dB Sensitivity : 86dB/500Hz /2.83v Impedance4 Ω Dimensions: 138 x 38 x 3,2 cm 


Magnepan .7

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Garancija:2 leti

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