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Blumenhofer Acoustics Mini
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Blumenhofer Acoustics Mini

Cena: 1.190 €


From a big love for music: the only loudspeaker in this class, wich can be used even with tube

After some years of waiting we decided to reintroduce the Mini in our product portfolio.
The Mini is a loudspeaker that was present longer time in the story of Blumenhofer. It was sometimes called Mini, then Satellite Mini and so on. The basis project never changed: a 2 way loudspeaker with a 10cm woofer in a rear ported bass reflex cabinet.
The Mini has been already awarded in the past in France by the Haute Fidélité magazine the Best Buy award.

The only one in this class that can be driven by tube amplifier


Technical data:

Material: MDF

Frequency range: 60Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB

Bass Cabinet: Bass reflex/Rear

Woofer: 100mm / 4"/Paper

Cross over frequency: 6000 Hz

Midhigh: Dome

Membrane dimensions: 25mm / 1"/Silk

Max power input (RMS): 60 W RMS

Efficiency: 88 dB

Impedance: 6 Ohm

Terminal: Single-Wiring gold plated

Weight: 5 kg

Dimensions: 280 x140 x270 mm

Words of the press


It can work that modestly, that even a triode does not fail at his terminals.
Its sound is involving, living and spacy.
The Mini is a real bomb.

Suono.it - Article

An trustworthy and astonishing illusion.
The stage is simply flabbergasting.
The sound properties are globally really equilibrate.
These are the most complete and surprising among the Minis on the market.



Blumenhofer Acoustics Mini

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Vpis ponudbe:28.08.2021
Konec ponudbe:28.10.2021
Garancija:5 let

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