Single-ended Class A
Separate power supply

Gain MM – 45 dB, MC – 70 dB using input transformers LL1941 (uncut amorphous cobalt core, Cardas high purity copper wire)

Noise and Hum -78 dB

Output voltage 1.0Vrms

MM (RCA) – 47k

Adjustable MC inputs 10ohms, 20 ohms, 50 ohms, 100 ohms

Output Impedance 660 Ohms, XLR and RCA

Frequency Response RIAA Curve +/- 0.4 dB

Vacuum Tube Complement 4 x C3g SE

Power supply: Low Induction toroid transformer by Trafomatic Audio, High Inductivity custom made chokes, Mundorf MLytic HV type

Requirements 100, 117 or 240 Volts / 50-60 Hz, 60 watts

Weight 10 kg

Dimensions 400x 310 x 85mm (two box)

In the picture Luna two chassis phono preamplifier in custom colour finish, together with Lara two chassis line preamplifire in custom finish as well.