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ISOL-8 MiniSub Axis
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ISOL-8 MiniSub Axis

Cena: 1249.00 €
The MiniSub Axis has exactly the same layout and filter complement as the MiniSub Wave but takes performance another step forward with the addition of Axis DC blocking. A significant DC component is commonly found on the mains power supply. It affects the crucial magnetic circuit of your equipment\\\\\\\'s AC power supplies, degrading system performance and causing acoustic noise through mechanical vibration. The MiniSub Axis ensures your system will be free of any of the negative effects of DC on the mains.

We take pride in continuing to bring our outstanding build quality to the new MiniSubs, making them an investment that provides unbeatable performance and will last a lifetime. Inside the quality casework you will find the same carefully auditioned polypropylene capacitors, Mundorf OFC inductors, high grade connectors, and custom ISOL-8 chokes that are found in our high end audiophile products. You will also have the peace of mind that comes with our spike and surge protection. All ISOL-8 products are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a five year guarantee in the UK.

The result of an extensive development program, the next generation of the MiniSub takes its class leading performance to a whole new level in every area, helping your system to fulfil its maximum potential every time you listen.


ISOL-8 MiniSub Axis

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Vpis ponudbe:17.09.2020
Konec ponudbe:17.11.2020
Garancija:2 leti

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