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Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
Uporabnik:calkmatt89Kategorija:Omrežni predvajalnik
Lokacija:KranjTip oglasa:Prodam
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Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

Cena: 414 €

Offering my main streamer / dac for sale. The azur 851n been a wonderful dac/streamer and is Cambridge Audio's flagship over the past several years. In excellent condition from a smoke free and children free environment. It has been used to play music from my Cyrus transport, Spotify subscription and QNAP NAS (including DSD64 files) without any flaw.

Used mostly wired connection, it has the ability to go wireless if needed. Great sounding unit as a flagship unit should, and has received positive reviews by every HiFi magazine with 4.5 to 5 star ratings. Great details, dynamics (without being shouty), musical and tonally neutral.

The unit will include original box with double box packaging, manual, wireless aerial, remote control and everything else that came in the box.

This has been well cared for with no scratches or marks visible and the remote is in excellent condition.

Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
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